Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Today's Flights of Fancy

Well, now that taxes are done for another year, we can all start thinking about those projects that have been gathering dust in the barnyard.  Time to quit flapping our wings and strutting around.

In order to help get the creative juices moving, we made four posts today (so far).  Actually, only three are new - the fourth is an update of an existing listing.

First was a revision of the wooden spool listing.  We came across 7 more wooden spools with thread on them so we decided to just modify that listing rather than make a new listing.  These are the new ones that were added.

One of the new listings is for 28 spools of thread (got them the same time as the additional wooden ones above).  So we made a listing for that thread.  Hummpph!  No use listing this one!  I went back to the shop to get the link and find it's been sold.

So, onto another.  We have a paper ephemera listing of 7 religious-themed cards.  They could be used for their original purpose (condolences - write your personal message on the back) or add a touch of gentleness to a scrap book, journal, wall hanging, etc

The last listing we have just posted is for a destash of 7 pieces of a mocha-brown fabric.  It's slightly heavier than your run of the mill cloth.  It might be more for draperies or such.  But, with it's neutral color and heavier texture, it would be great for wall decor, scrap books, altered art. etc.

Oh, did I mention that the pieces are a funky trapezoid shape?  Somebody didn't finish their project!

Well, enough cackling.  Back to the henhouse to get some real work done.

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