Thursday, April 16, 2015

Playing Card Decks & Ephemea Packs

Today, as we were scratching aroiund the homestead, trying to get things under control, we decided it was time to post some more playing cards.

We had a deck of cards that you Deadheads should enjoy"  The are a 1989 deck featuring a Grateful Dead theme.  Quite colorful and they definitely fit the Grateful Dead memories.

Well, all those skeletons ruffled our collective feathers so we decided it was time to do a few posts the show some of our relatives.

First was a double set featuring little love birds sitting on a branch!  They are so cute!  But, I digress.  They are part of a complete set from your friends across the pond - West Germany.  Oh!  That's right.  The Germanys united in 1990.  I guess this makes that boxed game a true vintage offering.  Here are the little darlings, now!

As if that wasn't enough, we listed a couple ephemera packs of playing cards.  One listing has a chipmunk, baby lions, and Teddy Bears.  The other features boats - sailing and fishing.  Naturally, almost all the cards have other little relatives tucked away in them.  Here you can see the little darlings playing their supporting cast to a tee!

So, That's the excitement from the barnyard for today.   It's about time for all the peafowl to hit the roost.

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