Monday, April 13, 2015

For those of you who are interested in books and magazines in foreign languages, you might want to visit Ostentation and pull up the section on "Books (Foreign Language)".  We decided to make a section just for those items since they can easily get lost in other areas.

While some of those are true antiques, most are vintage and a few might be relatively current.  In this way a serious collector can find the hidden treasure, and for those of you who need some nifty ephemera with a foreign twist can easily locate something to fill the bill.

At this time we have books (and a couple songbooks with the music) in German, Spanish, Swedish, and Finnish.

And as always, if the price doesn't seem quite right, or you are interested in a few, convo us on Ostentation and we'll see if we can set up something beneficial to both parties.

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