Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doesn't Time Fly!

Well! I must say, time flies. I hadn't realized that almost two years has passed since I posted anything here. With a busy work schedule, extracurricular activities, travel, medical appointments, and on and on, it became very easy to slip into the forgetful mode. The Ostentation flock (a play on words) is now going to quit scratching, clucking, and crowing, and get this blog back on track. Mostly we will be posting little snippets of what's new at the Ostentation shop on Etsy, but we will try to add little other tidbits as we go along. With that in mind, I'll caution all of you that we, Ostentation, will be working together to keep things flying along. So, any one of the peafowl might be posting something even though it is really my blog (and with my blessing!). So, if at times the language seems different, it might be another peahen or peacock. Meanwhile, let's cover a few new things at the shop. We are getting great offerings in, and we have a bunch of treasures sitting waiting the usual picture taking, description writing, editing, etc. In other words, we sat on our tails on that, too, and laid an egg! We've been busy, again as a collective, to get the shop more fully stocked. That's when it became evident that we dropped the seed ball on this blog, too. If you haven't visited Ostentation lately, you might be surprised. We have original hand-crafted items and we are offering more and more odds and ends that might fill the bill for that project you are working on. You might say we are working on the "trash to treasures" idea - some peacock's trash is some peahen's treasure! And, if you are pecking through the shop and see things that you'd like but the price doesn't seem to fit the budget, convo us and we'll see if we can set up a special buy for you, our special customers. Or, it you are looking for something similar to what we already have listed in the shop, convo us. We might have it in the wings and can get it posted within a few days. And one last thing. Even though we don't show shipping to countries outside the U.S. on our listings, we are willing to figure out shipping to your country. Just convo us. One of us will get back to you as soon as we can. Well, this should be enough to get things rolling.

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